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Online Applications In 2009 alone, the Foundation disbursed $28,700 toward scholarships, teacher grants and funding for the arts.

The Foundation's current management team consists of a volunteer Board of Directors. There are 14 board members representing education, business, finance and the North Clackamas School District.

Executive Committee

James MaciokasJames Maciokas, Chair
James is a licensed financial representative in Clackamas. He has three children who are students in the North Clackamas School District.  He holds a doctorate in psychology from the University of Nevada. As a community member he is active with the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, Clackamas Rotary and Happy Valley Business Alliance.

Nichol Holm, Vice Chair
Nichol is a former Middle school social studies teacher who is currently the business manager for a local property management company. She has a MA from Concordia University in Educational Leadership. As an active NCSD volunteer, she created a reading program at Verne Duncan Elementary incorporating volunteers from high school students to senior citizens. This served as a model for similar programs now implemented at other NC schools. She participates in the Parent Leadership Alliance and has lobbied for more funds for schools to lower class sizes. Her two children attend Mt. Scott Elementary and Happy Valley Middle School.

Lois Costine, Secretary
Lois is a retired NCSD middle school teacher, board member of the Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Red Cross volunteer. Her family has 300+ years of district attendance and counting!

Frank Magdlen, Interim Treasurer
Frank is a Chartered Financial Analyst who has served as COO and Director of Research for the Robins Group LLC. He has three children who are District alumni. Frank is Chair of the Clackamas County Budget Committee. He is the past treasurer of the Foundation.

Board Members

Gary Chapman
Gary is an orthodontist with Chapman Smiles in Clackamas. He completed his dental training in Nebraska and his specialty training at OHSU. He is a volunteer instructor for Teen Street Survival, an educational opportunity for young drivers to learn advanced driving skills that may help them avoid bad situations. He played an integral role in bringing this program to Portland in 2009. He served on the YMCA of Clackamas’ Board of Directors during 2005¬- 2010. He has provided numerous sponsorships and support for NCSD education and athletic needs since 1991.


Eileen Griggs
Eileen has a BA in Communications from Northeastern University. She has worked as an editor at a scientific society and university press. For the past 20 years she has been an at-home mom during which time she has volunteered extensively for her childrens' schools. She has volunteered as an ESL tutor. Currently as a community member she is active with a womens' philanthropic group, the SMART reading program, and Clackamas Rotary.

Ed Hacmac
Ed is a chiropractic physician who has spent 30 years in private practice in Clackamas County. He is a Rotarian with the Clackamas Rotary and has four children who are all District alumni. He has previously been a chair of the Foundation.

Jenni Jackson
Jenni has been a business owner in Clackamas County for 16 years. Currently a sales director and trainer for BeautiControl, she has a degree in Public Relations and has spent 12 years as a business owner or corporate staff member in marketing, public relations and graphic design. She volunteers for Journey Theater Arts Group and is a past board member at Madonna's Center in Clackamas County. . She and her husband Bryce have two children in District schools and have been long-time supporters of the Foundation.

Shirish Patel, Past Chair

Shirish (Doc) is an OB/GYN physician who has traveled the world, volunteering with the global charity Mercy Ships and with Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. He owns a hospitality business in Clackamas. He is an active member of the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce and a Rotarian with Clackamas Rotary.

Julie Volpel
Julie has been a physical therapist at Kaiser Permanente for 35 years. Julie was instrumental in passage of the OR State law to require a construction tax for schools and played a key role in the creation of NCSD's Dental Health Solutions Program. She is a passionate community leader who has volunteered in her children's schools in various roles and served as a member of the NC Bond oversight committee. Her three children are graduates of North Clackamas schools.