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Enrichment Grants The Foundation announces 19 awards to District elementary, middle and high school teachers at the January School Board meeting.

The Discretionary Grant Program is designed to support NCSD projects that align with the Foundation’s mission to ensure students are engaged and ready to learn; that support equity in educational outcomes; and that align with NCSD’s strategic goals and objectives.

2015 Discretionary Awards

Wind and Oar Pilot Project - $3990

Jill Altman, Project Manager
Rowe Middle School

A recent grant from the North Clackamas Education Foundation with matching support from the Clackamas Rotary has launched the Wind and Oar pilot project at Rowe Middle School. About 35 seventh and eighth grade students and three teachers will meet three times a week to build a ten foot wooden boat. When the boat is completed, it will be auctioned off to support the program.

This program will be integrated into students’ mathematics class. Through practical hands-on experience, students will enhance their skills in algebra, geometry and fractions as well as build communication, teamwork and responsibility while learning measurements and how to use carpentry tools. The project will help ensure eighth grade students are algebra ready, one of the Districts key performance indicators.

Cesar E. Chavez Leadership Conference, $420

John Santella, Project Coordinator
Rex Putnam High School

Cultural Sharing, Enrichment and Leadership, $430

Oydin Arifdjanova, Project Coordinator
North Clackamas School District

After School Student, Staff and Family Cultural Enrichment, $150

Phil Phan, Project Coordinator
North Clackamas School District

Pathways to Scholarship for High School Bilingual Students, $1000

Edward Villa, Project Coordinator
North Clackamas High Schools

Weekend Family Enrichment Program, $700

Natashia Duncan, Project Coordinator
Wichita Center for Family and Community