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Enrichment Grants The Foundation announces 19 awards to District elementary, middle and high school teachers at the January School Board meeting.

Each year the Foundation raises money for innovative projects that engage students and align with District goals through its Teacher Classroom Enrichment Grant Program. If you are a teacher and would like more information on teacher/classroom enhancement grants or 2017 grant writing workshops, please contact us at
Below is the list of grants awarded through the North Clackamas Education Foundation's Teacher and Classroom Enhancement Grant Program.
Grant proposals were scored by a task force of reviewers including community members with expertise in K-12 education and District staff. Final selection criteria included innovation, student engagement, the number of students served, inclusion of multiple learning styles, adaptations for IEP, the quality of the evaluation plan and sustainability.
We would especially like to thank Steven and Shonna Shroedl for their outstanding support for this program. We also would like to honor the memory of Evelyn Etzel, former Clackamas High School business teacher Joe Krumm, NCSD's Director Government and Community Relations, Linda Lamb, and Kathy Starr, former speech and language pathology specialist for NCSD.

2016-2017 Teacher and Classroom Enrichment Grant Awardees

2016 teacher grant recipients

Elementary Schools

  • Bilquist Elementary School/Stephen Katz: Gyotaku (Fish Printing) in the Classroom - $275
    Students will learn how to create artistic prints using fish models and ink on rice paper. The project provides students of all levels and abilities with diverse opportunities for communication and expression creating an inclusive learning environment.
  • Linwood Elementarry School/Christopher Hosman: Exploring the World through Virtual Reality -$1348
    Google VR Cardboard and Expeditions will add the “wow” factor to any lesson. Meaningful connections students make during virtual field trips when connected to a lesson’s learning outcome will provide these kids with engaging insights that they would not be afforded otherwise.
  • Oak Grove Elementary School/Alisa McNaughton: Engaging Kindergarteners in Math with iPads - $2,348
    Kindergarteners’ engagement in math and development of crucial digital skills will be increased through the implementation of the new Envision math curriculum with programs that have accountability and assessment features (Nearpod and Seesaw).

Middle Schools

  • Alder Creek Middle School/Bud Taylor and Jeff Schroeder – Healthy Hearts – $3,000
    Heart rate monitors will be used to provide feedback and help students improve their personal fitness and lifestyle in collaboration with science and health teachers in cross-curricula classes. Parental participation will be encouraged.
  • Alder Creek Middle School/Claudia Carle: STEM Ecology Garden- $2,480
    The courtyard garden will be revamped into a hands-on vehicle to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) targets and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for 7th grade students. Students will choose projects that match their individual learning style: increases in student engagement, science test scores, sense of belonging and voice are anticipated outcomes.
  • Alder Creek Middle School/Heidi West - Hearing Quiet Voices - $358
    This project, which addresses the District’s equity goal, provides an opportunity for students to engage in inquiry and discussion; and create a project to express why it is important to explore history through multiple perspectives. It sheds light on the experiences of Native Americans during the Indian Removal of the 1830s.
  • Rowe Middle School/Coco Vernon: Classroom Living with an Equity Lens -$636
    To create a place where students see “their history and heritage are celebrated” through literature written by people about color about people of color. TAG students and students of higher abilities will also be provided access to pre-AP books that are more appropriate `high school reading ability and beyond.
  • Rowe Middle School/Jeff Young: Native Plant Seedling Project- $737
    In collaboration with the city of Milwaukie, students will grow and plant native plant seedlings along Kellogg Creek. This hands on project will help students understand human impact, design solutions to mitigate impact and investigate the influence of environmental factors on plant growth.
  • Rowe Middle School/Lucas Dix: Shamrock News Camera - $600
    In a program aligned with Oregon’s technology standards, students will learn to collaborate on projects creating segments representing the many diverse races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, etc. at their school.

High Schools

  • Clackamas High School/Janet Tansy: Bringing Art into the SPED Classroom - $600
    Through a variety of media, simple art instruction and art techniques, reluctant learners will be taught how to overcome fears and see their mistakes as opportunities for authentic expression.
  • Clackamas High School/Sara Schipper – Green Fuel: Making Biodiesel From Waste Oil and Comparing Fuel Efficiency- $850
    Students will make and test biodiesel using waste oil from the Clackamas High School kitchen. This project aligns with the NCSD #12 by providing opportunities to engage in a challenging project that intentionally and purposefully integrates science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  • Clackamas High School/John Stewart: Creating for Kids: Writing and Illustrating Books for Children - $600
    Students involved in national Art Honor Society, Creative Writing and English classes will work in collaborative teams to research, storyboard, write, illustrate, and publish children’s books about equity and growing up, which will be read in elementary school classrooms throughout the District and children outside of NCSD.
  • Clackamas High School/Carrie Ann Tkaczyk: Interactive Notebooks - $1889
    All learners (ELL, IEP, TAG, AP, etc.) will apply a variety of techniques to apply learning styles that work best for them for effective notes.
  • Milwaukie High School/Ken Blacksmith: Microscopes for College-Prep and Biology and Genetics Class - $2448
    Biology and genetics students will have simultaneous access to college-level equipment in order to use problem-based learning for achieving NGSS: benefits all students and learning styles and provides a head start for college/career science-related professions.
  • Milwaukie High School/Stephanie Gaslin: IPads: Tools for Teaching Students with Speech, Language and Communication Disorders - $913
    Targeted IEP goals will be met by providing motivating, novel ideas/materials for speech and language therapy.
  • NCSD Special Education/Vivian Garrison: Special Education Hardware and Software - $10,000 and 20 i-Pads
    Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) advanced technology software will create equitable educational opportunities for students who do not have the ability to use spoken language to communicate. It will improve students’ success in school through providing opportunities for participation in classroom discussions, accessing/understanding curriculum, interacting with their peers, and increasing their families’ connection to their education

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