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2014-15 Innovative Teacher Grant Winners

2011 recipientSchool budget cuts won’t stop classroom innovation, thanks to $21,148 in grants from the North Clackamas Education Foundation. The 18 grants, from $300 to $1,000, will fund innovative teaching projects. Planned projects include science experiments, engineering projects, after-school projects, and more. Winners include:

2014/15 Classroom Enhancement Grants
Award Winners

  • Justin Sooper/Bilquist Elementary – Stretcher Bars and Canvas - $406
    The stretcher bars and canvas will be used to implement a motivating project that integrates reading, writing, speaking, technology, and more.  Students will learn painting techniques to enhance other disciplines.  The culminating art gallery will be enjoyed by the entire school community.
  • Lila Gilbert/Bilquist Elementary – Everyone Can Play - $1,000
    The Playworks program will be purchased for use by staff, students, and parents to facilitate engaging and inclusive play that enhances students readiness to learn and socialize.  Play offers children cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits, that will result in a safe, healthy, and respectful environment for our students.
  • Brad Bateman/Lewelling Elementary – Rhythm and Dance in Physical Education - $700
    With matching funds from the Lewelling PTO, a dance and rhythm unit will be provided in all PE classes.  This will enhance motor skills, develop motor concepts, and will help students engage in personal fitness and develop social skills in an active environment.
  • Nicole Patrick and Donna Butuso – Latina Leadership and Parent Engagement at Linwood Elementary School - $1000
    Multiple options for parent engagement and empowermentwill be created through a Language Exchange (Intercambio) group open to all parents and community members.  The English/Spanish and Madres del Corazon groups will help Latina mothers connect with the school community and empower them to take leadership roles.
  • Misty Cooke /Lot Whitcomb Elementary- Family Literacy Night Book Give-away - $500
    Lot Whitcomb Elementary School will host a Title 1 Family Literacy Night.  At this event, each student and his or her siblings will receive one free book in order to support literacy and learning at home.
  • Alissa McNaughton/Lot Whitcomb Elementary – iPads to Support Kindergarten Literacy - $937
    Three additional iPads will be purchased to support small group reading instruction, independent literacy centers and the development of digital skills.
  • Vickie Beraka and Colleen Sackos-Milwaukie/El Puente Spelling Bee - $1,000
    This grant will support funding for the Spelling Mastery program, in addition to planning and coordination of our first spelling bee.  This  enhances growth in spelling, writing, and literacy.  Local businesses will be engaged in supporting the school.
  • Amanda Callahan/Mt. Scott Elementary – The Chrome Standard:  Utilizing Technology to Maximize Student Learning - $837
    This grant, with matching funds from the Mt. Scott PTO, will allow the resource room to purchase eight chrome books, enabling students with dissabilities the opportunity to improve their technological abilities as these skills become increasingly more important.
  • Mary Bourgeois/Oak Grove Elementary A-Z Reading - $500
    Reading specialists will create a motivational RAZ-kids program, along with an instructional tool, A-Z Kids, to work with at risk students. 
  • Susan Harvey/Scouters Mountain Elementary – Mathitude: I love Algebra - $350.00
    This program introduces algebraic concepts to elementary students.  Hands on materials will make algebraic linear equations accessible to 4th and 5th graders.
  • Debbie Wright/Sojourner School – Matching Books to Readers - $984
    Multiple sets of high-quality and engaging books will be purchased for K-3 classrooms.  This will support and improve literacy instruction by strengthening our reading program to ensure that all students are at or above grade level by the end of third grade.
  • Chris Lehman/View Acres Elementary – Principles of Alternative Energy - $500
    A solar power demonstration kit will be used by students to explore methods and uses of alternative energy.  The solar power panels, convertor and storage battery will be used in the classroom to generate energy and run simple electric items.
  • Theresa Just/View Acres Elementary – Special Education Student Store - $400
    This grant will allow fourth and fifth grade students on an Individualized Education Program to work at a student store once a month in order to learn life skills.  These skills include counting money, understanding time, ordering supplies and engaging in appropriate social skills with their peers.
  • Rick Bures/Alder Creek MS - Getting Pumped About Science - $995
    Funds will be used to purchase a high vacuum pump and necessary accessories in order to enhance the instruction of all students on a variety of topics in a variety of units at all middle school grade levels.  This would especially benefit those students who most benefit from real, hands-on learning experiences.
  • Bud Taylor/Alder Creek MS – PE for the Future:  Fitness Fun and Games for a Lifetime - $884
    Improving the PE curriculum includes adding innovative fitness units that call for  specific new equipment that is not currently at the school.  Having the new equipment available to students will increase student motivation and participation, and will allow staff to increase learning experiences for students.
  • Carrie Blythe/Alder Creek MS – High-Interest Books for Low Readers - $517
    The STAR Reading Assessment adopted by NCSD provides each student with a Zone of Proximal Development score, or their “just right” book zone.  Literacy workshop teachers will use grant funds to purchase books to match struggling readers’ ZPD scores.
  • Matt Chalmers/Alder Creek MS – Object Stories - $1000
    Object Stories is a unique collaboration with art, writing, artifacts, storytelling, and place.  Students will work both in the classroom and at the Portland Art Museum, interacting with artists and docents, to uncover and write stories about their own chosen significant objects and museum artifacts.
  • Kevin Winston/Alder Creek MS – Panther Orchestra Classroom Enhancement Supplies - $800
    Classroom sets of advanced level books, instrument tuners and shoulder rests for the violinists and violists will be purchased.  All of the items will enhance the individual student’s musical experience.  The books will be especially helpful for students from families experiencing financial challenges.
  • Jeff Young/Rowe MS – Invasive Plant Removal on Kellogg Creek - $557
    Kellogg Creek is a small urban creek flowing along the southern edge of Rowe’s campus.  There are large areas of envasive plant species:  Himalayan Blackberry, English Ivy, and Lesser Celandine.  Necessary tools will be purchased for student use to rid the campus of these invasive plants.
  • Karly Lefferts/Rowe MS – Technology for 6th Grade Students in Math Intervention Class at Rowe MS - $995
    Five Chrome Books will be purchased to support learning for math students identified as “high risk/intense needs” at Rowe MS.  This intervention level math class will provide additional support and promote success for students who have been unable to meet standards.  Daily access to computers will help closestudent achievement gaps.
  • Dan Robinette/Clackamas HS – Robot in a Box - $500
    Student teams will check out robitics kits to program computer-like devices to control sounds, lights, LED displays and motors.  Students will identify challenges; determine the technology to reach a solution; apply the technology; evaluate their solution, and discuss the effectiveness of their approach.  
  • Laurie Thurston/Clackamas HS – Ready, Set, Read - $500
    Freshman students identified as “at risk” of not earning their high school credits will have a chance to select and purchase their own high interest books to inspire the love of reading and empower students to improve literacy skills.
  • Emma Utterback (student)/Nancy Utterback (teacher)/Clackamas HS – Lockdown Kits - $222
    Lockdown kits would help students and teachers be comfortable and safe during a school lockdown.  A team of students from the National Honor Society will solicit donations and purchase items which will be delivered to teachers for their classrooms.  The necessities will be stored in a 5-gallon bucket, which may also be used to contain waste.
  • Phil Marchant/Milwaukie HS – Real Solar Power in the Classroom - $389
    A solar power educational demonstration lab will provide students with a hands-on, fully functional, science demonstration on the value of alternative energy sources.  Students will experience and experiment with power generated from the sun inside the classroom.
  • Nicole Matthews/Milwaukie HS – Seeing the Microscopic World – Take 2 - $702
    Three high-quality microscopes will be purchased for student use by all science departments.  Current older microscopes have been repaired multiple times, and are not very reliable.   NCEF, Donors Choose, and Community 101 grants have been used to purchase microscopes last year in an effort to improve the quality of classroom microscopes for students at Milwaukie High School.
  • John Santella/Rex Putnam HS – “I am Malala” ELD Book Study, Proposition, Writing Project - $220
    The grant will finance the purchase of 12 copies of  I am Malala by Nobel Peace Prize winning advocate for education and girls’ rights Malala Yousafzai for an Advanced ELD book study project that ties in with related current events in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Carolyn Jurkovich/Rex Putnam HS – Kingsman Koffee Shop Refrigerator - $500
    Grant funds will be used to replace the current refrigerator with a new energy-efficient refrigerator.  The coffee shop is a special education department project.  A portion of the funds for the purchase of the new refrigerator will be paid by the coffee shop.
  • Kristina Burck, Noah Hurd – New Urban HS Exhibition Display Walls - $794
    The school holds community art exhibitions three times each year.  These displays will allow students to display their work professionally.  Supporting pride in ownership of their work encourages students to continue to strive for professionalism in their workmanship.
  • Martin Winch- New Urban Publishing - $499
    A publications project will produce, distribute and display a literary magazine.  The purpose of this project is to motivate freshman students by publishing their work in a magazine, which will become a permanent record of their success.
  • Renee Saint-Amour – Squires Teen Father Mentoring at PACE - $960
    Mentorship will be provided to teen fathers through Squires, an established and successful mentorship program specifically for teen dads.  Monthly Dad’s Lunches will take place where teen dads will have the opportunity to connect in an all male environment to create a stronger support system for each other and mentor with adult fathers.
  • Edy Martinez – Wichita Center After School Program - $1,000
    Wichita Center is creating an after school program for schools in the Milwaukie area.  Grant funds will be used to bring classes, groups, activities, and partnerships for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.  The program will run evenings and weekends and will also help promote diversity in our community.